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The Case of the Missing Data: PSA Win in TSS Dispute

TfNSW agreed in mid-February to provide the data from the time and motion study that underpinned the reform and resourcing and to engage with the PSA on the work allocations. The PSA believed we were coming out the other side of the ongoing saga that has been the Payroll and Personnel restructure.

Unfortunately, TfNSW did not provide the PSA with what we had requested. The data provided was a basic overview of the type of data collected and the end result. Further, TfNSW stated they would ‘discuss work allocation”. This was inadequate; it was the view of the PSA that TfNSW was not meeting its consultative obligations under the Award. We believed the specific data collected, the analysis conducted, and how the analysis was conducted were required to be provided if requested.

As a result, the PSA proceeded to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC), seeking the specific data from the time and motion study and its analysis, the Ernst and Young (EY) report that TfNSW recently referred to in presentations, and assurances TfNSW would consult with the PSA.

The matter went before the IRC on Monday, 4 April and Wednesday, 6 April.

As a result of proceeding to the IRC, it came to light that TfNSW no longer had the data or the analysis from the time and motion study. TfNSW asserted they had conveniently stored the data from the study on one laptop, and it could not be recovered.

These statements provide the PSA with no confidence that this time and motion study occurred.

The outcome from the IRC was the PSA secured agreement from TfNSW that:

  1. No employee would be declared excess until at least two months from the date the reform is stood up i.e. when all new positions are filled and individuals trained.
  2. Consultation with the PSA will occur fortnightly on implementing the restructure and associated resourcing issues.

The matter will remain in the IRC and we have further conciliation listed for 29 June 2022.

What next?

The PSA will be insisting on fortnightly meetings starting after the Easter and Anzac break. We will have your delegates and PSA official attend these meetings. We intend to hold TfNSW accountable for the resourcing and normal work allocations and the ad hoc allocation of work. These are all based on the ridiculous premise established by the alleged time and motion study.

We will need members’ assistance to do this. We are holding a members meeting at 10am on 14 April 2022 to discuss with members the approach to these meetings and what we will now need from members to ensure that we are able to advocate and secure adequate resourcing levels.


Date: 14 April 2022

Time: 10:00 am

Location: Teams – Click here to join the meeting

In the meantime, ensure you are recording your hours correctly, discuss your workload with your manager to ensure you are not forfeiting hours and if required discuss overtime.

If you have not joined the PSA yet, now is the time join to ensure your working conditions. Join here.

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