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The payroll saga: What has happened since the PSA’s win?

Members may be aware the PSA has been in a long-running dispute with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) regarding the payroll and personnel restructure. The dispute proceeded to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) in April 2022, resulting in fortnightly round table meetings and an agreement that no employee would be declared excess for at least two months from the ‘stand-up date’. There is no agreement to what defines the ‘stand up date’.

Since commencing the round table meetings, we have been asking tough questions about the structure TfNSW was determined to implement.  As a result, members would be aware that TfNSW has backed away from proceeding with the original structure and has been recruiting new staff to replace anyone leaving. That’s a huge win for current staff and for new recruits.

TfNSW also undertook a resource analysis in which many of you would have been involved. It was agreed and put on the record in the IRC that TfNSW will consult with the PSA on the implementation and resource analysis. Consultation will include:

  • TfNSW providing the PSA with an opportunity to have input into and be involved in developing the approach to the resourcing analysis, including what data will be collected, how it will be collected and the approach to the analysis. It will also include continued consultation and engagement whilst the resource analysis is being undertaken and any potential changes to the approach.
  • TfNSW providing the PSA with the resource analysis, including but not limited to; data and analysis that is utilised to make the resourcing recommendation and information on how the data was analysed.
  • Appropriate consultation will be undertaken to implement any changes to work allocation principles.

TfNSW providing the PSA with four weeks’ notice of the stand-up date of the structure.
With the resource analysis completed by TfNSW, we have been advised that the PSA will be provided with a copy of the resource analysis in the coming weeks. It is anticipated with that the PSA will be advised of any recommendations and consultation will occur on any proposed changes.

The PSA will be holding a member meeting the week of 10 October.  Further details will be coming.

If you are not a member, now is the time to join the PSA HERE.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact the PSA or your local Delegates.

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