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The PSA wants you!

The PSA wants you – October 2017 (PDF version)

For the PSA RMS Departmental Committee

As you may have already seen in the most recent edition of Red Tape, the PSA’s RMS Departmental Committee election is open for nominations. This committee is looking for delegates who have a passion to serve and assist their fellow members as well as be more actively involved in the general direction of the union.

The RMS Departmental Committee (DC) is made up of RMS workplace delegates. The committee generally deals with issues that affect all, or a large section of the agency, such as restructures, relocations or staffing issues. The DC members decide on overall policy and industrial strategy for the PSA and can initiate campaigns.

The DC also makes recommendations to the PSA executive and Central Council on various matters.

Workplace delegates are one of the most important roles in the union. As a delegate you are the day-to-day face of the union in the workplace. Delegates are the connecting key between PSA members in the workplace and the Departmental Committee and, by extension, the executive of the union.

If you would enjoy the challenge of helping your colleagues achieve fair outcomes and solving problems we would love to hear from you. To nominate to participate on the RMS Departmental Committee, you will need to complete a nomination form which can be found at This nomination form once completed can be sent to .

For further information on becoming a delegate and the Departmental Committee, please do not hesitate to contact either of the contacts below:

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