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The union for School Psychologists

The Union for School Psychologists - Jan 2020 (PDF version)

Over the last 12 months the PSA has been talking to School Psychologist members about their employment conditions and how this role fits into the school environment.

The PSA would like to hear from a wider group of School Psychologists to assist us in understanding what you care about and to gather further information on what workplace issues may need to be addressed with the Department of Education on your behalf.

While this survey is open to all school psychologists, we can only act on behalf of members.  We encourage anyone who has not yet joined the PSA to be part of a strong, growing union that not only works hard for its members but wins!

You can join HERE.

Tell us what you think

If you can spare just eight minutes of your time to fill in our simple survey, we will be able to fight for the things that members care about.

This survey is confidential and no individual respondent will be identified.  We will be using the outcomes of the survey to help us to lobby for better support and working environment for you.


Please forward this bulletin on to your colleagues!

The PSA is hoping to reach as many school psychologists as possible.

Please forward this bulletin on to your colleagues to ensure we canvass as widely as possible and to give them the opportunity to join with us to advance the workplace conditions of school psychologists.

The PSA Schools team

You can contact the Schools team at the PSA by emailing

If you have an issue you would like industrial support with, you should contact the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679 or by email at

You can also update your work or personal details by calling 1300 772 679.

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