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Training Services NSW – Recent PSA meeting

Training Services NSW – Recent PSA meeting – December 2018 (PDF version)

The PSA held a meeting with Training Services Members in the Oxford St site on 6 December.

One of the matters discussed was the People Matters Survey. With the survey being annual now it can be vital in developing talking points with management. We intend to make contact with Training Services to establish what plans they have to improve areas of concern.

Members noted that key issues from the survey were transparency of recruitment process, dealing with poor performance and bullying. We will seek an open dialogue with management to ensure improved communication on these issues and training where required.

The meeting further discussed performance improvement processes. Performance improvement is very different from performance development and should not be mixed up.

Where management are putting a person on a Performance Improvement Plan the issues that are deemed poor should be clearly defined to allow a person to fully understand concerns as well as expectations.

Before a plan is put in place the plan and the issues within it should be discussed with the affected employee. They have a right to a support person in such discussions.

A Plan should be aimed at achieving a successful resolution of performance concerns.

Members advised that such a process is to commence should make contact to the PSA for advice and possible support.

Finally, whilst the meeting was with the staff of only one site we are sending this bulletin more widely to all members within Training Services. We wish to build networks across the agency and try to address the variety of issues our members have.

Please look out for us further in the new year

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