Transport for NSW: PSA members’ bulletin

Update: COVID-19 TfNSW Taskforce unions’ consultation

At recent Taskforce briefings the Transport Secretary has sought unions’ views on the NSW Government’s planning for the anticipated pandemic recovery phase.

Issues raised by unions

  • the maintenance of social distancing, PPE, sanitisers, continued regular cleaning of public transport and members’ workplaces
  • the maintenance of flexible working arrangements, especially for members with children or carers’ responsibilities and where transport issues exist in accessing worksites
  • priority for at-risk staff maintaining working from home arrangements or access to special leave or other leave
  • the ramping up of cleaning of workplaces in anticipation of eventual graduated return of staff to workplaces with the easing of restriction within public health orders
  • unions are seeking details about arrangements for staff prior to any return to worksites. This is especially relevant with the proposed Future Workplaces changes placed on hold for Sydney-based staff. Unions have requested feedback on the detail for any proposed recovery plan.

Please note the Secretary has flagged that the majority of staff currently working from home will continue to do so for some time. Obviously ample notice will be provided for proposed changes to current working arrangements, subject to changes in current health restrictions.

Other issues

Many members have sought advice in relation to planned leave/travel and cancellation of holidays due to the Pandemic. On 23 April 2020 TfNSW published principles for requests to amend planned leave. You can read them HERE.

Members should, in the first instance, raise concerns over any of the matters reported in this Bulletin with their manager.

If members wish to forward any issues related to planning for the COVID-19 Recovery phase to be raised with the Transport for NSW Taskforce, OR any industrial matter please contact the PSA Member Support Centre – or call 1300 772 479.

Please Stay Safe

Greg Shaw Senior Industrial Officer

Ben James Organiser, Transport Cluster  


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