Update on salaries case

Update on salaries case - July 2020 (pdf version)

The PSA’s fight for a salary increase will continue later this month after the hearing did not conclude before the Full Bench in the allotted hearing dates Wednesday 24 June and Thursday 25 June.

The PSA was able to complete its evidence on 24 and 25 June. The cross examination of the Government’s witnesses started on Thursday afternoon however the hearing was adjourned due to witness availability issues. The case is continuing and the Full Bench has set three more days for hearing of this matter for 24, 30 and 31 July.

Once cross examination of the Government’s witnesses is finished, both parties will have an opportunity to make final submissions.

A decision should be handed down as quickly as possible and hopefully sometime in August.

The PSA, it should be remembered, first wrote to the government in December last year about our claim and lodged this application in early March 2020.

Meanwhile, the PSA has written to the government seeking its agreement that any salary increase be backdated to 1 July this year, and is waiting for a response.

Should the government not agree, the PSA will have to argue for back pay to be granted before the Full Bench under the ‘special circumstances’ provision of the Regulation.


The PSA will continue to pursue a fair and reasonable outcome for our members through every means possible.

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