Update: Service NSW JCC - Public Service Association

Update: Service NSW JCC

The Public Service Association and your delegates met with Service NSW leadership at the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting held on 27 February 2024. The following are the key highlights from our meeting:

Uniform and Equipment Updates: At the request of members, a pilot of uniformed shorts was introduced to greater support employees during the hotter months. With the success of the pilot, the trial has been expanded so that all Driver Testers can now order them. A feedback mechanism on the additional uniform option is to be introduced shortly. The business is also moving towards a complete wardrobe redesign to address issues related to uniform comfort and practicality.

System Access and Training Centre Developments: Concerns regarding system access for staff have been acknowledged, with steps taken to resolve profile issues affecting access. Members raised concerns surrounding the frequent need to access their mobile phones for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when on site. SNSW has advised that they are working with Transport for NSW to look at more efficient alternatives for employees, though MFA will still be required for any employees working from home.

Discussions are ongoing regarding the establishment of additional training centres, aiming to provide more accessible training locations for our geographically dispersed service delivery network.

Safety and Wellbeing: A focus on enhancing safety and wellbeing continues, with updates on the implementation of the DCS sexual harassment prevention policy and a wearable technology pilot for workers’ compensation.

PSA Items:

After Call Work: PSA raised concerns regarding reports from members on the non-consulted changes to the ACW time. Your delegates highlighted the need for more extensive frontline consultation, especially in regard to changes that significantly impact operational processes. The PSA has requested that the business implement a specific channel for impacted employees to review and provide feedback on the change.

Notice Boards: Issues around the sharing and preservation of PSA notice board space within Service Centres were discussed. With the focus being on the need for management to ensure PSA materials are respected and remain unobstructed. If you don’t have a PSA notice board at your site, let us know by contacting the Member Support Centre so we can ensure members have access to relevant materials at their worksite.

Future Plans and Notifications: The PSA requested timely updates on plans for new Service Centres, Training Centres, and worksites to ensure better planning and engagement.

Relief Pool Driver Testers: a meeting was arranged for 15 March 2024 for the business to report back to the PSA and your delegates in regard to the proposed Designated HQ.

 Looking Ahead:

The next JCC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, 21 May 2024. We encourage all members to forward any issues or topics they wish to be discussed to their representatives.

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