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Vacancies on the Department of Regional NSW Departmental Committee

The PSA would like to advise members that the Secretary of the Department of Regional NSW Departmental Committee (DRNSW DC) Johanna Kempff has left the Department. The PSA thanks Johanna for her work as Secretary and wishes her well in her future endeavours. This leaves us with vacancies on the DRNSW DC in Electorates 1,2 and 4.



ELECTORATE 1 Department of Primary Industries (minus Fisheries Officers and Local Land Services)


Carol Rose – Chair

Sam North – Vice Chair

Natacha Hes – Women’s Officer

Andrew Bruce –

Bernadette York –

Robert Hoogers –


1 Vacancy

ELECTORATE 2 Strategy, Delivery and Performance/Mining Exploration and Geoscience


Andrew Tull – Assistant Secretary

Alex Love –


ELECTORATE 3 Regional Development and Programs

2 Vacancies

ELECTORATE 4 (combined electorate) Other


1 Vacancy


If you are interested in filling one of these vacancies, you can nominate HERE. Nominations will close 5:00pm 12 April 2024.

If you would like more information on the role, please contact one of the committee members above of your PSA Organiser Graydon Plumridge

Our Departmental Committee meets four times a year (or more as required) and on a regular basis with the Department through our Joint Consultative Committee to address issues facing our members in DRNSW. Members are granted special leave (paid) to attend to these duties.

If you wish to raise any issues with the Departmental Committee, please contact one of our Delegate or members can always raise issues directly with the PSA through our Member Support Centre on 1800 772 679.

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