Youth Justice DC meeting 16 Sep 2020 - Public Service Association

Youth Justice DC meeting 16 Sep 2020

Youth Justice NSW Departmental Committee delegates are the voice and peak representatives for all PSA members across Youth Justice custodial and community streams and consultative meetings with YJNSW executives on all workplace matters that affect you and your work colleagues. 

Without strong effective Departmental Committee (DC) delegates, Work Place Group (WPG) delegates and an active and engaged membership, the PSA would not be able to deliver the great results that we have over the past year: 

– improved safety and security to custodial workplaces and WHS procedures across custodial YJC’s since the Frank Baxter riot last year

– the conversion of around 125 casual, temporary and part-time staff to ongoing roles (insecure to secure employment)

– provide ongoing advice on COVID-19 safe work environment and workplaces 

– greater transparency and more positive working relationship with YJNSW executives and direct line with Executive Director YJNSW

– build PSA power and strength and improve our engagement with members and non-members

– improved training of staff and involvement in providing consistent WHS standards for staff

– we continue to support and advocate for pay and conditions.

There is currently only one Community Delegate so we encourage all YJNSW community members interested in supporting and advocating for community members to contact the PSA.

Members can engage and support your local WPG delegates or speak to a friend who is not a member and encourage them to join the PSA – we are only as strong as our membership.

PSA members can always seek advice and support by contacting the Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679. 


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