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Destination NSW: Award win

The PSA has fought for a long time to have you covered by the superior conditions of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009, enjoyed by many your fellow Public Service colleagues. We have now achieved that. Three key outcomes connected to that are that;

  • you will receive Extended Leave as opposed to Long Service Leave
  • you will receive over time where you are directed to work outside the hours of 6.00 am to 10 pm, on weekends, or in excess of 10 hours,
  • you will be able to work under a Flexible Working Hours Agreement (FWHA)

We held two member meetings last week to advise of the great outcomes from the Industrial Relations Commission last week.

We are back in the Industrial Relations Commission on 3 March to finalise matters. In the meantime, we need to put the FWHA to you for ballot. Only members are entitled to vote in the ballot.

The proposed agreement is attached HERE.

The FWHA allows for six flex days for each 12-week period; the equivalent to one per fortnight.

The FWHA is an essential part of the arrangements reached between the PSA and Destination NSW. We encourage you very strongly to vote yes in favour of the agreement.

We seek that you respond by close of business on 18 February.

We are happy to discuss any aspects of the FWHA to assist you in making that decision. Please contact your Industrial Officer Nick Player via email to arrange a time to discuss.


Please follow the below link to vote for or against the proposed Flexible Working Hours Agreement as part of your transition onto the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2009.



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