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PSA Timeline: 2010 – 2019

Year Information
2019 The PSA/CPSU NSW introduces a new way to reach out to members with a weekly podcast series.
2019 Members in Justice get extra protection as PSA launches a legal fund
2019 PSA/CPSU NSW celebrates 120 years of fighting for NSW workers, leading this year’s May Day parade through the streets of Sydney
2019 The PSA joins up with other unioons to form the Emergency Services Coalition, which unites Prison Officers with Firefighters, Paramedics and Polic Officers.
2019 The PSA has a major win for School Administrative and Support staff with the pay equity case. Read more: www.psa.asn.au/special-announcement-pay-equity-case-win
2018 Community Services members walk off the job state-wide after a bungled case management system is rolled out, putting children at risk.
2018 Stillbirth Leave is inserted into the AusGrid Enterprise Agreement after campaigning by the CPSU NSW and testimony from Delegate Leanne Smith.
2018 CPSU NSW campaigns to strengthen a TAFE system weakened by government cuts and neglect.
2017 Sports and Rec privatisation stopped.
2017 Unions campaign against cuts to weekend and public holiday penalty rates.
2017 Juvenile Justice members’ safety is a priority for the union after a number of injuries.
2017 PSA continues its fight against public housing sell-off.
2017 After PSA pressure, Berrima gaol is reopened to reduce overcrowding.
2017 PSA works to keep the John Morony Correctional Centre in public hands.
2017 PSA campaigns around a number of issues affecting members including stronger protection for workers injured or killed at work, improved workers’ compensation, against the privatisation of NSW Sports & Recreation and for Domestic Violence Leave for all NSW workers.
2017 PSA membership is 36,000.
2017 Driving rain fails to prevent the PSA marching through the Sydney CBD in support of Disability Support workers, bringing traffic to a standstill.
2016 Nov 2016: Orange by-election. PSA campaigned with Unions NSW against Nationals. Shooters Fishers & Farmers Party wins the seat.
2016 Oct 2016: PSA members elect Stewart Little, General Secretary, Kylie McKelvie President and Troy Wright, Assistant General Secretary on a platform of “Rebuilding Our Union”.
2016 PSA/CPSU NSW retains coverage of all Home Care Service members as they transition into the federal industrial relations system, and become employees of Australian Unity.
2016 The privatisation of the department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) becomes unstoppable as the NSW Government pushes ahead with the complete withdrawal from all publicly run disability and home care services.
2016 NSW Government pushes ahead with the privatisation and outsourcing of a number of public services, including public housing.
2016 State government plans to privatise Land Titles Office.
2016 PSA confronts private jail plans as the state government plans to “market test” the operations of NSW prison.
2015 Australian Museum jobs cut
2015 NSW Trustee and Guardian offices threatened with closure
2015 Member action cuts export of ServiceFirst jobs.
2015 Home Care Service privatisation negotiations stall.
2015 PSA secures win for temps to be made permanent.
2015 NSW Coalition Government continues to ramp up its privatisation agenda. Mike Baird vows to get on with power privatisation.
2015 At the March 2015 election, Mike Baird led the Liberal-National Coalition to a second term.
2015 PSA “Which direction are we headed?” ad campaign prior to state election.
2014 Save Our TAFE campaign launched.
2014 TAFE forced to compete with a for-profit private sector as NSW Government hands money to private training providers.
2014 Community Services members walk off the job at Coniston office to protest staff shortages
2014 Fight against ADHC privatisation continues with large rally outside Parliament in November 2014
2014 Member Support Centre established
2013 NSW government passes the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.
2013 Sydney University CPSU members strike and picket in support of their Enterprise Agreement.
2013 Land and Property Information agency privatisation proposed by Government.
2013 PSA President Sue Walsh says the PSA will “explore the prospect of a pay equity case for SAS Staff.”
2013 WS, Forestry and Office of Heritage and Environment delegates lead campaign against recreational hunting in NSW National Parks
2013 NDIS (NSW Enabling) Act 2013 introduced to allow the NSW Government to privatise all public disability services and transfer all clients, staff and assets to the private sector.
2013 PSA introduces Journey Insurance for members after changes to the Workers Compensation Scheme.
2012 Anne Gardiner elected General Secretary. Sue Walsh re-elected President. Steve Turner re-elected AGS. Shane O’Brien elected second AGS (later replaced by Greg Delprado).

Workers Compensation: Government makes drastic cuts leaving many injured workers worse off.

NSW Budget announces an additional 10,000 public sector jobs to go.  Sydney Desalination Plant privatised – sold to Canadian Teachers pension fund.

2012 Grafton gaol closed.

PSA challenge to 2.5% wage cap in the High Court set for 5 September 2012.

Government cuts 400 SASS and 600 DoE jobs to fund transport infrastructure.

11/9/12 Gov announces Cut $1.7 billion to education and communities.

New agency – Service NSW – announced to open in 2013.

8 October 2012 PSA “Enough is Enough. Stop The Cuts” rally at Sydney Town Hall

2012 PSA introduces Journey Insurance for members.

O’Farrell government freezes funding for Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) services and directs $1.3 billion in additional funding to private sector operators.

Government decision to allow recreation shooting in National Parks as concession given to Shooters Party in return for support of legislation for the sale of electricity assets.

PSA campaigns against shooting in National Parks.

O’Farrell government lodges application in the NSW Industrial Relations Commission for a new Conditions of Employment Award that would scrap hard won conditions won over many decades.

2012 O’Farrell and Baird start thousands of job cuts in the public sector.

NSW Department of Education launches Local Schools, Local Decisions reform.

NSW Government plans to outsource all Out of Home Care (OOHC) (foster care) services to private sector within 5 years with 1000 jobs to be cut in Department of Family and Community Services.

O’Farrell government pushes ahead with plans to sell off energy assets. A poll of
Daily Telegraph readers had 68% against privatisation of energy assets. PSA opposes privatisation.

Workers Compensation benefits slashed.

2011 O’Farrell government pushes forward with plans for the full privatisation of NSW electricity assets
2011 Sydney Ferries put up for privatisation
2011 June: Labor Government’s 2.5 per cent wage cap policy is legislated by O’Farrell Government sidelining the IRC. Government dumps Labor’s “no forced redundancies policy”
2011 NSW Public Sector Commission (PSC) created by O’Farrell Government (Public Service Board was scrapped by Greiner)
2011 NSW Government announces 5000 public sector job cuts
2011 PSA and 34 other unions lobby for action on climate change
2011 March: Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell elected NSW Premier
2011 PSA wins a Domestic Violence clause
2010 PSA wins lactation breaks clause for breastfeeding mothers
2010 Domestic Violence Leave Win. UNSW Enterprise Agreement includes new DV Leave clause
2010 NSW Lotteries  privatised
2010 Nathan Rees proposed Ferries privatisation. Abandoned by Kennelly. Twice privatised, twice renationalised.
2010 Partial Power sell-off under a Labor Government
2010 Government outsources a number of child protection jobs
2010 Crown Employees pay rise 4 per cent


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