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ADHC bulletin – Government refuses to talk on transfer package

ADHC bulletin – Government refuses to talk on transfer package – May 2016 (PDF version)

Join us

Monday, 16 May 2016

NSW Industrial Relations Commission

47 Bridge Street, Sydney

9am – 10am

Meet at PSA House 8.30am to march to the IRC

Download the meeting notice HERE, and wear your red PSA t-shirt (there will be extra t-shirts at PSA House).

The PSA and Family and Community Services (FACS) representatives will return to the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) on Monday morning after FACS revealed they won’t talk about the transfer package.

The PSA will again seek the urgent intervention of the IRC to enforce rights to consultation.

The PSA urges members to attend the IRC to highlight how strongly ADHC staff feel about the issue.

Sydney based PSA members are asked to meet at PSA house (160 Clarence Street Sydney) at 8.30am. We will then march together to the IRC at Bridge Street.

Members need to attend in their own time as this is not industrial action.


On 31 March, PSA members and staff attended the IRC to enforce our consultation rights on the privatisation of ADHC. The number of members attending court made a genuine impact on proceedings and helped deliver successful outcomes that have buoyed many members’ spirits.

You can read the Commissioner’s recommendations from 31 March HERE.

Since then your union, the PSA, has been negotiating Terms of Reference with Family and Community Services (FACS) which outlines what does and does not form part of consultation. The outcome of this was scheduled to be reported back to the IRC on 16 May.

But on 11 May FACS advised the PSA that your transfer conditions will not be included in the discussions. This is contrary to the IRC’s recommendations and will be urgently raised at the IRC on Monday.

When members take the time to attend the IRC it shows that you care about your rights and it can make a real difference in the decisions and recommendations that are made. This is why we need you to attend the IRC with us on Monday.

Don’t forget to download the meeting notice HERE, and remember to wear your red PSA t-shirt!

Lets stand together, see you on Monday.

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