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Transfer to Disability Services Australia

Transfer to Disability Services Australia – October 2018 (PDF version)

On 9 October 2018, the Department of Family and Community Services announced that Disability Services Australia will be taking over the direct service provision for the Community Justice Programme and Integrated Services Programme on 13 December 2018. Read more information HERE.

Which staff will be transferring?

  • Staff involved in direct service delivery to CJP and ISP group home residents will transfer to DSA
  • Staff transferring to DSA include Disability Support Workers, Nurses, Team Leaders (Group Homes), RUNM, the Manager Clinical Services, the Manager, Accommodation and Respite, Coordinators Accommodation and Respite and some Senior Clinical Consultants
  • Employee Information Packs were to be available over the next week for staff identified within this transfer cohort.

On 10 October, PSA delegates and Industrial officer were briefed at the FACS Disability Services Joint Consultative Committee regarding current proposed transfers of Disability Services.

In relation to the CJP ISP transfer there is a complexity in that only 5 Senior Clinical Services Consultants are to be transferred the other 11 staff are to remain to run the NSW Community Safety programme for FACS. Unfortunately, not all details are available as to what this work entails.

The PSA requested more information and a draft proposal for affected members to consider in relation to the pending staff transfer process.

A meeting of affected members occurred on 12 October 2018 to consider the announced transfer and the limited information as to how affected staff would be selected to transfer.

A draft proposal was provided to the PSA later on the 12 October 2018 and the PSA had the expectation this would be shared with members with the usual transfer pack on Monday 15 October so that members could provide feedback to the union’s Industrial officer in order for outstanding issues to be forwarded to FACS so that consultation could continue.

FACS advised the PSA late on Wednesday 17 that it would email each member the draft transfer proposal for Senior Clinical Consultants and the DSA staff transfer pack that evening.

A copy of the SCC Staff Review proposal is available HERE.

The Department has requested that staff EOI preferences be submitted by 10 am 25 October 2018.

The PSA has advised FACS that it seeks any outstanding issues from members to be addressed prior to the commencement of the review process on 30 October.

Members are requested to email concerns to by 5pm 22 October 2018.

If any issue is not subject to further consultation and resolved as requested, then a dispute will be lodged with the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

A further meeting will be arranged with members prior to the 25 October 2018.

Any members with urgent issues can contact the PSA delegate Heihana Henare or call the Member Support Centre 1300 772 679.

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