Business and Administrative Support Change Plan announced - Public Service Association

Business and Administrative Support Change Plan announced

Business and Administrative Change Management Plan bulletin (pdf version)

The PSA met briefly with EPA Senior Management on Wednesday 24 February 2021 regarding a proposed restructure and was provided with a Draft Change Management Plan for the Organisational Change of EPA – Business and Administrative Support functions.

The PSA has been advised there will be a
four-week consultation process, however role descriptions won’t be provided until 8 March.

At this initial meeting, the PSA raised concerns around ensuring that any process used for direct matching of roles must be transparent and fair, with a focus on placing all affected employees in any new structure.

Since the Change Management Plan has been released, the PSA has received a number of calls from concerned members regarding the proposed new structure, at this point members are unsure of the functions within the roles.

The PSA will be providing a detailed submission to the Change Proposal, as well as raising concerns throughout the consultation period.

The PSA encourages members to contact the PSA Member Support Centre with any concerns regarding the proposed restructure or alternatively contact the EPA delegates below.

The PSA will also be holding a lunchtime teams meeting with affected members from
Monday 1 March to hear from you. Details of those meetings will be sent in separate meeting notices.

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PSA Industrial Officer
Michael Sinclair

PSA Organiser
Chris Bird

Jane Burgett

David Bell

Simon Taylor

Cheryl Ainsworth

Scott King

Hugh Brennan



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