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Cobham Youth Justice Survey Results

The PSA wishes to thank all members at Cobham Youth Justice for your participation in our Workforce Management System (WFMS) survey last month, concerning the implementation of the 3.3.3 rostering pattern for 38 hours staff, that will replace the local 6.3 roster at Cobham YJC.

Although the results overwhelmingly supports the new 3.3.3 roster pattern, important concerns remain on potential increase risks to welfare, fatigue and rest and time with family. This will be addressed with YJNSW.

The PSA survey result on 3.3.3 roster:

Yes: 73 per cent – 17 per cent with explanatory comments.

No: 27 per cent – 20 per cent with explanatory comments.

The PSA will continue to strongly advocate on controls to nullify, reduce or mitigate increase risks to health and safety, fatigue management through short turnaround time and disruption with rest and family time, over the coming weeks and months.

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