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PSA Members Update

Your PSA Industrial Officer and Court Logistics, Classification and Placements (CLCP) delegates would like to keep you updated with important information.

Managing Workplace Issues Procedure

 1 Purpose

“The Managing Workplace Issues Procedure is a transparent and proactive process for employees and managers to effectively resolve workplace issues early and confidentially.

All workplace issues must be treated seriously and responded to quickly, fairly, confidentially, impartially, without victimisation, reprisal and/or retribution.”

If approached with regard to the above procedure, you are entitled to have a support person and a timely discussion that is mutually acceptable.

Please inform your Workplace Delegate and the PSA Member Support Centre (MSC) as soon as possible to arrange support.

Safety Suite

Members are encouraged to become familiar with, and use, the Safety Suite process to report incidents (physical and phycological) and near misses within your Workplace.

Your workplace includes, but is not limited to, Court settings, Vehicles, AVL’s suites, interpersonal and managerial relationships.

Further information will be forthcoming to assist with this process.

Letters of Allegation

Conduct and Professional Standards have informed us that while it is considered “best practice”, hand delivery is not the only method of delivery that is acceptable.

On occasion, this may not be appropriate or practical and on your first point of contact please ensure your preferred method is clearly understood.

Members should contact their PSA Representative or MSC at the earliest possible opportunity.

Workplace Delegates

You should have by now received an email from the PSA calling for workplace Delegates in the CLCP area of Youth Justice. Please take the time to read and nominate, via the survey monkey link below for a position to represent your area.

PSA Delegates are the lifeblood of the union and play an important and integral role in providing timely and responsive support to our members. The WPG meets quarterly, or as needed, and can arrange members’ meetings to identify issues that require attention or resolution outside of the centre. The Industrial Relations Act provides strong protections for members and delegates in their role as representatives of the PSA in your workplace.

Unions such as the PSA rely on active members and Delegates to maintain adequate representation in workplaces and ensure information flows effectively between members in workplaces and PSA Industrial staff.

WPGs and our Delegates are the union’s eyes and ears in the workplace. Without them, the union is less effective in providing members and staff strong industrial outcomes. If you have ever considered how you can make a difference in your workplace, now is the time!

The PSA will provide training, under the Award you are entitled to attend in paid time if anyone is interested do not hesitate to contact the PSA for further information.


Martin Robinson –
(Met West)

Suzana Rodriguez
(Met South)

Mark Royston –
(Met North)

Jennifer Farias –
(Departmental Committee)

PSA Industrial Staff

Gino Di Candilo –

Jo Aboud –


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