Congratulations on your new Delegate at Victims Services - Public Service Association

Congratulations on your new Delegate at Victims Services

We recently said our goodbyes to Nathan Rodrigues, PSA Delegate for Victims Services who represented members’ matters in a most knowledgeable and professional way. His empathy and understanding of an issue are to be commended. We loved working with Nathan!

True to his style, he did not want to leave without talking to another member about stepping up in his place. We are therefore pleased to announce to you your new Delegate Terrence (Terry) Essey. You are in great hands.

The PSA advances your interests

The PSA has been around for more than a century and proudly fights to secure and advance the pay and conditions of public servants in diverse roles across NSW government department agencies.

The PSA assists and acts on behalf of fee-paying members state-wide in all aspects of your working lives. Your union provides support, expert advice and collective as well as individual representation with any difficulty that may be encountered in the workplace.

In doing so, the union and its membership have shaped the industrial landscape in this state.

PSA Delegates represent you with Victim Services management

Your union represents your interests at meetings with management called Joint Consultative Committees (JCCs). The purpose of a JCC is to establish a regular forum for issues and concerns to be raised with management and addressed collaboratively.

The next JCC will be held in approximately two months’ time.

If you have collective workplace issues you’d like raised at the JCC, you can also raise them directly with your delegate, and/or your Organiser Alex Sala at .

Free PSA training courses and paid leave to attend

The PSA offer a variety of training courses and all PSA members have access to 12 days’ paid leave each two-year period to attend. PSA union training is open to all PSA members, not just Delegates. Non-members wishing to attend training will need to submit a membership application form first to access the training and the 12 days’ paid leave.

The program for 2022 is being finalised and will include a mix of face-to-face and online training.

For more information go to

Know someone who isn’t a member?

A strong union means better outcomes for all members; forward this bulletin to your colleagues and encourage your workmates to JOIN the PSA today.

Having your union and its collective strength behind you in the workplace is the only way to make sure you get fair outcomes.

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