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Court Reporters: Policy Consultation

As discussed at our recent member meeting, DCJ has asked the PSA for feedback on the Department’s proposed Procedure Manual for the Workforce Planning Unit. As WPU procedures impact the work of reporters, the union is collating feedback from members.

A copy of the current draft policy has been circulated, and be viewed HERE. Please email us at the contacts below if you are yet to provide feedback.

We will discuss the policy with management at our next JCC on 27 March. If you have other items you would like raised, please get in touch.

We’d also like to offer a warm reminder that nominations are open for the recently revived Court Reporters Vocational Advisory Group (see election notice HERE). If you would be interested in contributing to the union as a delegate, or know someone who should, you can make a nomination HERE.

PSA staff

Lachlan Good (Organiser)

Ben James (Industrial Officer)

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