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Supreme Court: Flooding at Law Courts Building

The PSA met with management yesterday afternoon for an update on the flooding of the Law Courts Building.

While the building is closed to the public, we understand staff will be advised where to undertake work on a team-by-team basis. Most staff have been directed to work from home or attend offices in surrounding court complexes, including at King St/St James, Hospital Rd, and the LEC. We understand some Records and other staff are still working onsite.

Other details the PSA has been briefed on:

  • The flooding resulted from a burst pipe between Levels 18 & 19.
  • Water mostly travelled down the fire escape, spilling onto lower floors through exits. The fire escape has been cleared of standing water, but most lifts are still disabled.
  • The Law Courts Library on Level 15 appears to have sustained more extensive damage than most court rooms, judges’ chambers, and registry facilities on lower levels.
  • The building has been cleared for electrical safety, but other clean-up of damaged fixtures, carpets, and ceiling panels is still in process. Insurance assessors will visit the building today.
  • The building will be closed to the public and matters relocated to AVL or other court complexes for at least the rest of this week.

Please contact your delegates, PSA staff, or the Member Support Centre if you have concerns or reports resulting from this incident. We will meet with management later this week for a further update.

PSA delegates

Matthew Sparks
Melinda White
Karla Worboys

PSA staff

Lachlan Good (Organiser)
Monika Wunderlin (Industrial Officer)

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