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CSNSW: Update on Psychologist Reclassification Dispute

In December 2023, the Public Service Association lodged a dispute in the Industrial Relations Commission with CSNSW about the reclassification process of Psychologists or Senior Psychologists into Specialist Psychologists or Senior Specialist Psychologists roles.  The Department’s position during the reclassification process to date has been that only Psychologists or Senior Psychologists if they have master’s degree which is equivalent to 2-year full time degree.

The PSA’s position is that in accordance with the Crown Employees (Psychologist) Award, Psychologists and Senior Psychologists with equivalent education, training and experience are eligible to be reclassified.  As part of the dispute, the PSA has proposed that the Department develop a set of criteria which employees can be assessed against to determine whether their experience, training and education is equivalent to a master’s degree.

The PSA and CSNSW are meeting in relation to the dispute in early February 2024.  In preparation for the meeting, PSA delegates will be contacting members to obtain further information and we encourage you to speak with them if you have any interest in the reclassification process.

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