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Update on CSNSW Bed Consolidation

We have received the following information from CSNSW in relation to the bed consolidation program, which we will be responding to by close of business today.

Revised timetable

CSNSW have agreed to revise the timeframe for consultation and implementation to the following:

  • Consultation will commence at the affected centres on Monday, 29 January 2024.
  • Following consultation, implementation will occur on Monday, 26 February.

PSA representatives will be attending consultation at the centres next week.

Expressions of interest

At this stage (Bathurst and Goulburn have a stage 2, see below), no staff members are required to temporarily transfer from any location if they do not wish to do so.  However, an expression of interest for temporary transfers will be available for staff who wish to be transferred to another location for a temporary period.

In the event that a large number of people apply for temporary transfers to limited roles, CSNSW has advised:

In the event that a large number of staff are interested in a particular location, People Division will make an assessment based on operational requirements and staff that can be carried over establishment. It should be noted that based on the current operational vacancies, this is unlikely to occur.

Project 800 staff

Staff who were hired under Project 800 will continue to be held against the designated bucket role number and undertake duties as required in an ongoing capacity.

Casual employees

CSNSW have said that casual employees at the affected regional centres should continue to receive work on the existing shift patterns.  If this is not occurring, CSNSW have agreed to consult.

Bathurst and Goulburn Correctional Centres

CSNSW have agreed that stage 2 will not occur until 2025 and that consultation with the PSA will commence at least six months prior to the implementation date.

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