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Department of Education: Update your PSA membership details

As your union, it is vital for us to have your correct member details. By having accurate information, we can ensure that you receive relevant updates, Bulletins, and important announcements promptly. Furthermore, this will enable us to provide better support, advice, and representation whenever you need it.

We understand that circumstances change, be it a new role, transfer, or move to a different division. By keeping your details up to date, we can tailor our efforts and effectively represent your interests.

Updating your details is quick and easy. You can do so by simply accessing the survey HERE.

Remember, being an active member means staying connected. By ensuring your details are accurate, you are contributing to the collective strength of our union. Together, we can work towards a brighter future for all our members.

Not a member?

Go to to sign up with the PSA. Remember, we are stronger together.

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