Discount for all financial members - Public Service Association

Discount for all financial members

Discounts for all financial members – June 2017 (PDF version)

The CPSU (NSW) is pleased to announce we have signed up to Union Shopper, giving our members discounts on a wide variety of products.

Your union’s affiliation with Union Shopper means you can get discounts on items as diverse as everyday groceries through the many varied discounted gift cards, through to new cars.

The Union Shopper site even lets you enter the make of a product and will search for the best available price among its affiliated vendors with its new online service.

Union Shopper is yet another value-added service for your CPSU (NSW) membership, along with journey insurance, accident insurance and free legal advice for non-work-related matters.

Members will this week receive a welcome email from Union Shopper informing them how to access the huge number of available discounts.

For more information until then, go to or call 1300 368 117.

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