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Future NPWS Employee Transition

Future NPWS Employee Transition – August 2017 (PDF version)

Member update

As stated in our last bulletin to members, the PSA has initiated proceedings in the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC) regarding inadequate consultation in the Future NPWS Employee Transition. You can read our last update HERE.

On Monday 15 August, the PSA received some information relating to staff numbers and impacts from OEH. As the report back in the IRC was set for the following day, and no time had been afforded for the PSA to examine the data, the matter in front of Chief Commissioner Kite has been held over until 31 August.

The PSA received, in writing, an assurance that OEH was committed to ongoing engagement and consultation with the PSA throughout the Life of the Future NPWS project.

The PSA has received feedback that the correspondence received from Naomi Stevens and Robert Quirk suggested that consultation had now ended.

The PSA can assure our members consultation is far from over. To this end we have secured meetings with OEH management to discuss our continued concerns.

Whilst we have started discussions on a number of matters, including Branch and Area makeup and design of pools, there are a number of issues still to be consulted on. One of the major areas which still require further consultation is role descriptions and classification. The PSA has concerns as to the process undertaken to evaluate jobs at a certain level, and will be discussing this in more depth at a meeting scheduled with OEH on Wednesday 23 August. We are going through all feedback received from members and examining all proposed role descriptions.

Feedback can still be sent to the PSA at .

The PSA still has our dispute regarding consultation listed for report back in the IRC on 31 August. Whilst this morning’s correspondence from Ms Stevens and Mr Quirk indicates that the first stage of employee engagement has now concluded, the PSA, and the IRC, does not accept that this means that consultation has finished. OEH has also made assurances that consultation with staff and the PSA will continue. The PSA will continue to fight for changes to the restructure to ensure outcomes are properly considered and not rushed.

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