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Game Licencing Unit Work, Health & Safety (WHS) survey

Game Licencing Unit Work, Health and Safety (WHS) survey – September 2016 (PDF version)

Earlier this year the PSA defended a former Game Licensing Unit (GLU) employee over the termination of his employment. After lodging an unfair dismissal claim at the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW the parties attempted conciliation in front of the Commissioner. The parties eventually reached an out-of-court settlement.

The above case raised concerns about the workplace culture at GLU, particularly in relation to transparency, accountability and ongoing WHS issues.

What this means for the PSA

Your union is now seeking further information from members to establish whether these concerns are well-founded, and to provide a basis for bringing these issues to the attention of management.

To that end we have developed a survey to identify what issues exist in the workplace. This may assist us to start a dialogue with management – with a view to facilitating a shift in the culture of the unit towards being more inclusive and respectful of all staff.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could take 5-7 mins to complete this survey.

To complete the survey, please click HERE.

All your responses will remain confidential.

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