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PSA 24-hour Day of Action

On 8 June 2022 the PSA will be taking a 24-hour state-wide strike and we need you.

Members may be aware that on Friday 27 May 2022 the following resolution was passed at Annual Conference:


This meeting endorses the unanimous position adopted by Departmental Committees, Workplace Groups and Vocational Branches for state wide 24-hour industrial action for members working in the NSW Public Sector. Members working in critical frontline roles may need to remain at work to ensure community safety.

In the event that the PSA does not receive a wage offer from the Government that addresses inflation and the cost of living by COB Monday 6 June 2022 the PSA will take industrial action on 8 June 2022- to be called the PSA Day of Action.

The PSA Day of Action will be coordinated by the PSA Executive, the Central Council and Departmental Committees and includes strike action, stop-work meetings as well as work bans and limitations across all areas of the NSW public sector.

Members, words of thanks are not enough and we know you have kept this state running over the past two horrific years. Yet the Premier fails to recognise you and fails to value you in giving you a fair and reasonable wage rise.

On Wednesday 8 June 2022 members across the state will stop work and stand together in demanding the Perrottet Government get rid of a wages policy that does not come close to keeping up with our state’s rising living costs and denies you a fair pay rise.

What are my Rights when taking Industrial Action?

You are protected in taking Industrial Action by Clause 64 of the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009 which states that “There will be no victimisation of staff members prior to, during or following industrial action”.

If you have any concerns leading into to or following our Day of Action we encourage you to contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Day of Action

Members join us on the Day of Action 8 June 2022 and stand up, shout out the public sector needs a pay rise.

Register your attendance HERE.

Check the regional action locations HERE.

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