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Giving performance a fair go

Giving performance a fair go – 19 June 2015 (PDF version)

The PSA recently wrote to the Public Service Commissioner, highlighting our concerns about performance management systems. We feel that when agencies implement systems aligned to the Performance Development Framework, employees may find themselves held to expectations or levels of performance that might not have been explicitly established previously.

Anecdotal evidence from delegates and members suggests performance management processes are not being consistently administered across the sector.

As performance management systems are mandated for all agencies (see HERE) the PSA is keen to see all of our members get a fair go and work on an even playing field.

The PSA’s letter to the Commissioner on 21 May 2015 proposed that, where existing positions are reassessed by agencies embedding the Capability Framework, and the employee in the position is subsequently assessed as not meeting the required capabilities, no formal performance management processes should be initiated on the basis of the established ‘role description’. This is valid for a period of six months from the date of conversion from the employee’s previous ‘statement of duties’ or ‘position description’.

The PSA believes the six-month lead time will give our members sufficient opportunity to appreciate and meet the capability requirements of their roles, and to complete any necessary training.

For more information about the Capability Framework and the Performance Development Framework, please see the PSA’s website or access the Public Service Commission’s website.

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