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Corrective Services non-custodial bulletin – flexible working hours dispute – success! (9 June 2015)

Non Custodial Bulletin – flexible working hours dispute – success! – 9 June 2015 (PDF version)

In December 2014 and January 2015, Offender Services and Program staff at Cessnock CC, Mid North Coast CC and Lithgow CC were given directions that severely restricted their flexible working conditions. These directions were issued without prior consultation with the PSA or staff at these Centres.

In February 2015, the PSA lodged a dispute at the Industrial Relations Commission seeking the withdrawal of the directions and a return to the flexible working hours that our members have worked under since 1998.

Over the following months, the PSA attended all of the Centres on a number of occasions to meet with management, members and workplace delegates to resolve the dispute.

Last month, the PSA successfully negotiated an agreeable outcome for members at Lithgow and on 4 June 2015 we were pleased to inform the Industrial Relations Commission at Newcastle that we had reached an agreement in relation to the other Centres as well.

The following terms of agreement were formally entered into the record at the Industrial Relations Commission:

1. Corrective Services NSW agrees to rescind the directions that are the subject of this dispute.
2. The parties are committed to local negotiations at Cessnock CC and Mid North Coast CC to resolve all outstanding matters.
3. PSA members are to have reasonable access to union meetings on duty while these negotiations continue.
4. The proceedings are otherwise discontinued.

This agreement is a victory for your flexible working conditions and your right to be consulted about matters that affect you in your workplace. The PSA thanks all our members and delegates who have worked tirelessly during the course of this dispute, and congratulates them for achieving this outcome.

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