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Housing Contact Centre (HCC) PSA members have their say

Housing Contact Centre (HCC) PSA members have their say – October 2017 (PDF version)

We congratulate PSA delegates and members from the Housing Contact Centre for conducting and participating in a survey between 9 and 27 September 2017 to gauge member concerns about the HCC restructure and workplace conditions.

Eighty eight (88) members responded to the survey. 65 percent of participants were Client Service Officers but it received broad representation from all levels and areas within the organisation.

Fifty eight (58) ongoing employees responded and 30 temporary employees.

Of these, 99 percent of respondents are employed directly by the Department. 18 percent of respondents are currently acting in another role other than their substantive role.

Communication about the HCC restructure

Seventy two (72) percent of respondents believe there has been inadequate communication of information and updating provided by management about the restructure.

What members want

Respondents expected clear, open, honest and transparent information on the restructure and how it will affect all staff, and should be provided on a regular basis. Respondents indicated that clearer communication would ease the mental stress of the restructure and prevent misinformation from spreading.

Respondents believed management communications should include:

  • Information on how roles will change, dates of changes, feedback from interviews, the announcement of successful candidates and an organisational chart
  • Respondents emphasised that that information should be provided in plain language to ensure it is easily understood. Members believe they should be consulted on what will work best and what support will be needed from floor staff.

Development opportunities or roles offered under EOI processes

Fifty one (51) percent of respondents believed that EOI processes have not been transparent.

Numerous respondents indicated that roles were consistently offered to friends and family of upper management.

A number of respondents indicated that some staff selected for roles did not have the equivalent experience of other staff who were not and that some of those selected for new roles won positions several grades above their current level.


Respondents linked their concerns regarding workload, loss of support and the appointment of inexperienced staff to negative impacts on performance for staff and clients. They also raised concerns around the loss of knowledgeable, long term staff.

HCC Quarterly Consultation meeting with the PSA

The following people attended the JCC on 12 October 2017:

From the PSA: Industrial Officer, Katy Ambler, together with your PSA delegates, Grace Borsellino, Satvindar Singh and David Matthias.

From HCC management: Daryn Fallshaw, and three recently appointed managers Sarah Starr, Sam Lambropoulos and Kathryn Barker.

Your survey results informed the PSA’s discussion with management, to address your concerns.

The survey results provided clear evidence to management that the morale of staff is low and that clearer communication and transparency of processes is required to alleviate the anxiety of a workplace in a state of flux, and subject to rumour and innuendo.

Management agreed that they want to rectify the negative culture that is generated by this uncertainty.

Operations Leaders

The PSA sought clarification of the current employment status, parameters and management’s plans for the former Operations Leaders.These roles were technically due to be deleted on 30 September 2017 as part of the Cluster Operating Model (COM) restructure but currently remain employed at the HCC. We also requested that we be provided with a timeframe for the commencement of Phase 5.

Recruitment and Acting up opportunities

The PSA asked to be pointed to the current processes that are being undertaken for recruitment and ‘acting up’ opportunities and we were assured that the GSE compliant processes on the intranet are being abided by.

We then insisted if this is the case, that there is a perception and communication problem between management and staff because the majority of employees believe proper processes are not being followed.

If this is a legacy from the past, then management should communicate this and allow it to be tested.

Management assured the PSA that all employees who are unsuccessful in their applications are entitled to individual detailed feedback concerning their application strengths and weaknesses.

The PSA asserted that this is essential for transparency and maintaining fairness.

We appreciate your participation in the survey as we understand this is a difficult period for our members at the Housing Contact Centre. Please continue to communicate workplace issues and concerns with your workplace delegates and PSA staff. This will inform our ongoing discussions with management on your behalf.

Our next consultation with management (JCC) meeting is scheduled for 22 November 2017.

PSA Staff

Katy Ambler – Industrial Officer

Vivette Horrex – Organiser

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