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icare – Workers Compensation Proposed changes and Consultation

Consultation period: icare Workers Compensation and Dust Disease Care Health Screening

PSA is aware of changes occurring at icare in the Workers Compensation and Dust Disease Care Health Screening areas. While changes occurring at any time are stressful, it is comforting that icare have learnt last year’s lesson and chose not announced these changes two weeks before the public service shutdown.

The feedback PSA has received from members and delegates at icare is that the changes and reasons behind them could be made clearer to staff. It’s well documented that many in the public service have ‘change fatigue’ and last year’s People Matter Survey results for icare recorded that only 43% of those working at icare believe that change is managed well within the organisation.

Giving people clear information as to why change is occurring, how the individual and their team will be impacted and a timeline for when it’s proposed to occur can go a long way to easing people’s concerns.

Concerning too that the information provided to staff is different to that provided to the PSA, with the number of roles impacted removed from the structure. Despite these difficulties, PSA will endeavour to provide relevant feedback which will include requests for more information to be provided to staff on the rationale for change, the number of roles impacted, and a timeline for implementation.

There is no reduction in positions, as a result no employee should be declared excess. As always, PSA encourages all affected staff to engage with any change management process and to actively ask questions of your management if you have any.

Feedback will be submitted to icare with the information we have when the consultation period closes on Wednesday 8 November and the PSA will be meeting with your delegates before then.

You are also welcome to raise any concerns or questions with the PSA. To provide feedback to the PSA please email quoting icare 213036 in the subject line.

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