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Are you in insecure employment? We want to know…

Are you in insecure employment – We want to know… – July 2018 (PDF version)

Over the last year there have been many changes in Housing and Land and Housing including the outsourcing and privatisation of whole districts. Over the last few months PSA organisers have been visiting workplaces to talk to members about what matters to you in the workplace.

You have told us that you care about: certainty and permanency, access to flexible working arrangements and flex time, consistency in rostering; reasonable and manageable workloads, dignity and respect in the workplace as well as work health and safety practices.

What we are most interesting right now is insecure employment and long term temporary contracts. So that we have a solid idea of the issues and how wide spread they are within the department, it will be extremely beneficial if you can fill in our simple three-minute PSA survey. This will help us continue to fight for the things that are of concern to our members with the department and in our communications with government.

Fill in the PSA survey HERE.

Want a visit to your workplace?

So that we are better able to target our visits and assistance let us know if you would like a visit by an organiser to your workplace. We are available to attend any meetings you may have coming up, just let us know so we can schedule them in. Alternatively, come and see us during one of our arranged visiting times.

Please forward this bulletin to everyone in your office, including non-members.

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