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IPART Joint Consultative Committee Meeting.

Your union and local delegates attended the first Joint Consultative Committee for 2023 on 23 February.  At the meeting, the following items were discussed:

  • Your new PSA Organizer Mel Ciraolo was introduced.  Mel will work with local delegates Lil and Felicity on PSA information for the staff induction booklet.
  • Management advised that they were still determining a response about the recording of Tribunal hearings and publication on youtube as raised in the previous JCC.
  • The COVID-19 Vaccination Policy has been replaced with an Illness Prevention Strategy.
  • Policies cued for review include the Flexible Work policy and the Code of Ethics and Conduct Policy.  Consultation with the PSA and staff will occur.
  • Mandatory training – these are the sector-wide annual training requirements – IPART has been scheduling them on a quarterly rather than a monthly basis.
  • PSA delegates questioned whether IPART had done a review on the quality of air conditioning in the offices in the context of the circulation of covid or other viruses.  IPART confirmed that the correct filters have been put in place and will check if recent testing has happened.

Mark your Diaries

The PSA would like to inform members of the upcoming member meetings. The meetings will be held on Microsoft teams from 12pm-1pm on:

Thursday 4 May
Thursday 3 August

Friday 3 November

Members meeting login details via Teams.

Meeting ID: 479 043 660 600
Passcode: DNmYcd


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