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It’s Been A Tough Term – Enjoy Your Break and Stay Safe

It’s been a difficult and busy term for everyone in schools and you are all due a very well earned break over the next few weeks.

As always, the PSA has your back.  If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us for support, advice and advocacy.

The PSA has pushed for further briefings with senior Departmental representatives to raise issues that are important to members. Below is a wrap up of the key issues we have been working on for members in addition to supporting members both individually and collectively through day to day industrial issues:

Term 2 and Temporary Contracts

As members would be aware, the PSA has been actively advocating for those on temporary contracts during this uncertain and difficult time.

If you are working with students that continue to be enrolled at the school then the PSA believes your contract, subject to the normal requirements, should be renewed as normal. The PSA has not been advised of any funding changes in schools and therefore, the normal arrangements for staffing should apply.

If you are impacted by changes to your contract or have been advised you are no longer needed as students aren’t at school you should contact the PSA immediately.

You and Covid-19 – Special Leave Clarification – How Does It Apply?

Arrangements should be in place so that staff can continue to work safely and gainfully for as long as possible whether this be at the school, another safe location or from home.

However, as has been previously advised, you should discuss your personal circumstances with your Principal as soon as possible to clarify conditions of Special Leave.

We are not sure when the current situation will change or how long the pandemic will last.  It is important that members do not pre-emptively access their Special Leave.

Some further information on when you can access Covid-19 Special Leave or Special Sick Leave is clarified below:

  • Paid special leave of up to 20 days for people who need to be excluded from workplace/placed in quarantine – and cannot work from home due to symptoms.
  • Paid special leave of up to 20 days for people who need to care for family members due to closure of schools and caring facilities, or who have transport disruptions (without needing to exhaust other forms of leave first) – and cannot work from home.
  • For people who are sick – they apply for sick leave as usual, if they exhaust sick leave they can apply for Special Sick Leave if they meet the criteria and are approved for this type of leave. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
  • Provision to work flexibly/remotely/at other locations where at all possible, including from home.
  • In the event of school shutdown there is no requirement to apply for any form of leave, you will continue to be paid as normal.

If you have any questions about the application of Special Leave contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

The PSA wishes you all a safe vacation period.

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