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Local Land Services – Your Award 2013

Your current award, which contains your working conditions and allowances, is due to expire on 31 December 2016. Discussions will commence shortly between the PSA and LLS management regarding any changes to a replacement award. You can view your current award HERE, and feedback can be sent to your PSA delegates (below).


The PSA will consult with members throughout the process via members meetings and regular bulletins.  If you would like to request a members meeting at your workplace, please contact PSA Organiser Nathan Bradshaw at .

Annual Leave

A number of members have reported some issues around directions to take accrued annual leave.

Your Local Land Services Award 2013 allows for the following provisions when it comes to the direction to take accumulated leave:

·       When accrued annual leave reaches 6 weeks, you can be directed to take at least 2 weeks leave within 3 months. This direction must be received in writing.

·       If accrued annual leave reaches 8 weeks, you can be directed to take at least 2 weeks leave within 6 weeks. This direction must be received in writing.

Annual leave is intended to give employees a regular break, and the PSA encourages all members to take at least 2 weeks annual leave every year.  However, there are sometimes valid reasons that staff are prevented from taking their accrued annual leave, and in such circumstances, staff can apply to “conserve” any balance in excess of 6 weeks to take at a later time.  The award allows the “conservation” of leave for both operational and personal reasons. This enables staff who know they need to take a significant portion  of leave at a future date the ability to do so.

If you are having any issues regarding annual leave, please contact either your HR department, your PSA delegate, or call the Member Support Centre.

Performance Management Systems

Section 67 of the Government Sector Employment (GSE) Act 2013 provides that all Heads of NSW Government Section agencies must implement performance management systems. To support the implementation, the Public Sector Commission (PSC) introduced a “Performance Management Framework”.  Agency performance management systems (also known by other names such as Performance Development Plans) reflect PSC mandatory requirements in the framework.  The PSC created six essential elements which all agencies must show in their performance management systems. These six elements are:

  1. Set and clarify expectations
  2. Monitor
  3. Plan and Review
  4. Develop
  5. Recognise
  6. Resolve unsatisfactory performance

The PSA believes that performance management systems should be designed so that all staff are treated fairly, equitably and consistently.  Ideally, performance management should provide pathways to training and new experiences so members can develop their capabilities and maximise their career potential.

The PSA advises that all employees should have up to date role descriptions, otherwise staff may find themselves held to expectations or levels of performance that might not have been explicitly established previously. Performance agreements should be aligned with role descriptions.

Each agency should have a performance management policy that explains the agency’s policy and procedures. Employees should receive training and information, access to templates and relevant forms, so that they are equipped to negotiate performance agreements and performance reviews. While the PSA recognises that performance discussions may be fraught and daunting, we encourage members to participate in well-designed processes so that they can access training and development to build their capabilities.

The PSA advises all members to prepare carefully before meeting their managers to negotiate performance agreements and reviews.

If members believe they have not been treated fairly as part of the performance management process, they are entitled to ask their manager to reassess their performance review. Failing a good outcome, members can consider:

·       Speaking with Human Resources Managers about the problem

·       Seeking advice from your PSA delegate.

The PSA is developing a number of resources including a comprehensive fact sheet on Performance Management Systems. These will soon be available on the PSA website.


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