ADHC PSA fights on for improved transfer package for FACS disability staff - Public Service Association

ADHC PSA fights on for improved transfer package for FACS disability staff

PSA seeks improvements to transfer package for FACS disability staff – August 2016 (PDF version)

In March 2016, the PSA took the Family and Community Services (FACS) to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission (NSW/IRC) over its failure to consult on your transfer arrangements in the planned privatisation of Disability Services.

Click HERE to read our earlier updates on the NSW IRC hearings.

As an outcome of our dispute, the NSW IRC recommended a minimum six-month moratorium on directed staff transfers and the establishment of a “specific purpose” consultative committee to deal with transfer arrangements for staff.

Consultative Committee Meetings Commence

Since the last hearing in the NSW IRC in May, your union has been meeting regularly with FACS and NSW/IRC representatives to raise issues of concern to members and push for fairer protections. However, our main area of disagreement is what we are consulting on. The Department will not consult on many issues raised by the PSA such as:

  • no forced transfers
  • protection of salary increases post transfer
  • an improved employment guarantee period
  • legally binding enforcement of protections
  • improved transfer payments.

In June 2016 the PSA received formal correspondence from Treasury affirming the agency’s stance and outlining the proposed terms and conditions of staff transfers to the non-government sector. This letter does not address many of the concerns of members. Click HERE for a copy of its letter.

The PSA will continue to fight for fair transfer arrangements. We have written to NSW Industrial Relations formally lodging our claims.

Click HERE for a copy of the claims.

We are discussing the following at the Disability Transfer Committee:

  • conversion of all eligible long-term temporary employees
  • district transfer planning
  • conscientious objection for genuine religious, cultural or other discriminatory reasons
  • consultation and Supports for Clients without family or advocacy support
  • mobility Pathway Information.

For a more in depth update on the negotiations so far, arrange a PSA visit to your worksite. Email the PSA your full name and worksite location to and we will contact you to schedule a meeting.

PSA continues to fight privatisation – there must be a government safety net

Your union will continue to stand up for publicly operated disability services, fight privatisation and press for improvements to the Government’s transfer package to secure the best possible deal for disability staff.

To keep up the fight, we have been, and will be holding protests and actions throughout the year. Keep up to date and stay involved with the campaign, like the PSA Facebook page HERE.

What else can you do?

Put this bulletin up on your notice board and talk to your work colleagues about joining the PSA and supporting our campaign.

Update and Connect with the PSA

If you have moved home or work location, or you have changed your contacts, please update your membership details HERE.

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