Member update for Department of Education support staff - Public Service Association

Member update for Department of Education support staff

Recent executive appointments in the Department of Education People Group

The PSA is advising members that we are aware of the Department’s recent executive appointments in the People Group “to support Employee Relations work” and plans to undertake a functional review across Education Support Services.

Peter Riordon, who formerly worked for the department as Deputy Secretary, NSW Education, Corporate Services, has been recently appointed as the Executive Director, Workforce Reform and Mark Anderson appointed as Director, Strategy and Projects  These roles, together with Chief People Officer, Shaun Ruming, will work closely with the Executive Director, Employee Relations, Donna Wilcox on organisational change.

‘Functional Review of Embedded Services’ in Education Support Staff  areas

The PSA is aware that the Secretary, Murat Dizdar, addressed all Education Support Staff (ESS: formerly known as ‘corporate’) staff at a Town Hall meeting this week, advising the Department’s “difficult fiscal situation” and budget constraints and staffing challenges. He announcied the plan to conduct a functional review of human resources, finance and communications’ services currently embedded in ESS directorates. The review is expected to take some months. Phase Two of the review will include other embedded functions such as digital content, information technology and professional learning development.

Be assured that the PSA will actively engage in consultation with the People Group and Employee Relations executives, to monitor the ESS functional review and any organisational change plans that arise from it.

The Association will always fight to protect the essential public sector roles of our members.

We will hold the Department to best practice standards throughout this review and ensure that any proposed organisational changes are implemented  in accordance with the Public Service Commission Organisational Change Management guidelines, and the NSW Government’s recently released Workforce Mobility Placement Policy, which requires the department to actively facilitate redeployment of impacted employees to vacant roles across the public sector, when displaced by Machinery of Government and/or organisational changes.

If you have any current concerns, please contact the PSA Member Support Centre for assistance.

PSA staff

Katy Ambler Industrial Officer
Peta Noke Organiser

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