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Crown Solicitors Office Paralegal Functional Review Consultation Update

The PSA met with members 7 March to provide a report back on the recent JCC and to discuss the Paralegal Functional Review.

We have already been provided with some feedback from members. Given the scope of the Paralegal Functional Review – we expect there is more feedback yet to come.

Members are encouraged to confidentially email any of the PSA contacts listed below and provide your thoughts on the Paralegal Functional Review.

We are now commencing collating member feedback received to date. This involves the PSA de-identifying your feedback prior to sharing your concerns, observations, and questions with Crown Solicitors Office (CSO) management.

To provide an opportunity for members who were unable to attend yesterday’s member meeting, the PSA has requested an extension of time to continue to consult with its members.

Pleasingly, the CSO have agreed to our extension request and the new deadline for completion of consultation is 18 March 2024.

This is a welcome development from the CSO management team, and the PSA acknowledges this gesture of goodwill during a period of what is for some, unsettling workplace change.

Next steps

If you have already provided the PSA with feedback, thank you.

Members who have yet to participate and wish to, should supply their feedback to the PSA by noon on 15 March 2024.

Remember, the PSA can only effectively advocate for members if you take the time to provide us with your feedback.

Your anonymized feedback will be submitted to CSO for review and consideration on 18 March 2024.

CSO and the PSA will then meet again to further discuss the Paralegal Functional Review.

Your Local Crown Solicitors Office Delegates are:

Louise Coory

Your PSA Industrial Staff are:

PSA Organiser

Kim Villanti

PSA Industrial Officer

Anthony Wright

PSA Industrial Manager
Thane Pearce


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