Ministry of Health and PSA Joint Consultative Committee meeting - Public Service Association

Ministry of Health and PSA Joint Consultative Committee meeting

JCC Report - May 2021 (PDF version)

Your PSA Delegates and staff met with management to discuss matters that have been raised by you and by the Ministry.

Standing agenda items include WHS, recruitment and any planned changes to the workplace. At this Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) we raised lockers and their use, building capacity, social distancing and workstations, and flu and COVID-19 vaccinations.

There was one workplace-related WHS incident, 16 permanent ongoing staff engagements and we continue to push to have contract and temporary employees converted to permanent and ongoing positions. There are no significant changes approved at this time.

Lockers within 1 Reserve Road

Members raised that there’s been discussion about lockers and the Ministry are aware that there may be some lockers being underutilised or doubled up on. To get a clear picture of any issues or concerns, the Ministry will undertake an audit of the lockers and will come back to us with anything they find. Any concerns will be discussed at the JCC and lockers will become a standing item on the JCC agenda.

Workstations and social distancing

With staff starting to return to 1 Reserve Road with the easing of restrictions, we asked about the number of workstations and the increase of attendance, as well as the impact on social distancing.

The Ministry has confirmed that with around 2544 workstations (stations with computer monitors) and a far higher number of workspaces, there are no major issues for the increase in staff returning to the office. With peak attendance so far being in March with approximately 1300 workers within 1 Reserve Road. This leaves reasonable space for social distancing and extra workstations to be utilized. However, some floors are busier than others.

Flu and COVID-19 vaccines

Flu vaccines have been called for and are being centralised and rolled out.

There has been no final decision on the COVID-19 vaccine at this point. We continue to work with the Ministry to find a suitable solution.

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