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National Heavy Vehicle Regulator update

Delegates Mark Behan and Tim Smith, plus PSA staff and officials participated in the regular tripartite meeting with NHVR and TfNSW representatives today to establish what progress had been made with respect to the transition. 

We were advised that the NHVR done its ‘concept of operations’ which essentially was an election as to what functions of the Heavy Vehicle Inspection Service it intended to adopt and deliver. 

At this stage NHVR’s preference, and it is only a preference, is to undertake all the duties of the HVIS under both State and Commonwealth law. The alternative, as has been discussed with all members previously, would have meant the HVIS was potentially split in two.

This decision was forwarded in February to the NHVR Board, where it was endorsed and forwarded to TfNSW.

In turn, TfNSW representatives indicated that they are continuing to undertake some governance and diligence obligations. Whilst they had hoped to put it before NSW State Cabinet before June this year, the coronavirus pandemic has made this impossible. The representatives are hopeful the transfer to NHVR will be considered by Cabinet before the end of 2020.

Members may be aware that your counterparts in Victoria transferred to the NHVR earlier this year and we were advised that this had gone smoothly.

All parties agreed to meet again later in 2020 once some progress had been made to report on.

Members may be experiencing some frustration at the appearance of glacial progress. The counter to this is that the transition is being undertaken thoroughly and forensically, which hopefully should ensure there are no hiccups when and in whatever form it is to occur.

In the meantime, the status quo obviously remains. The PSA will continue to provide representation and advice for you with your employer, and keep you informed of developments as they come to hand. 

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