NSW can’t afford a wage freeze

The announcement on Tuesday, by the Berejiklian Government to freeze public sector salaries for twelve months was insensitive and ungrateful.

At the PSA we know how many of you have worked through this pandemic, and in doing so, kept our State functioning.  This is how the Government expresses its appreciation.

Furthermore, it is simply bad economics.  Austerity measures like this don’t create one more job in the community and in fact more likely serve to reduce them as public sector workers have less to spend.

Finally, the way in which it has been done, through legislative means rather than arguing a case at the independent umpire, is gutless.

But it is not a done deal.  Not yet.

The ALP and Greens have flagged that they intend to move disallowance motion in the Upper House, which would in simple terms overturn the wage freeze.

Together they hold 17 of the 42 seats in the Legislative Council and need 5 more to succeed.

Those vital five votes need to come from any combination of the current crossbench which is comprised of:

  1. 2 Animal Justice Party MPs
  2. 2 Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MPs
  3. 2 One Nation MPs
  4. 1 Independent (Justin Field), and,
  5. Fred Nile MLC

This is your opportunity to influence their vote.

Please use the link provided to send an automated email to the MP’s:



We know the crossbench is listening to the community on this issue.  Too often your vital jobs are forgotten in discussions about public sector workers.  This is an opportunity to be heard and be remembered.

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