NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal: Joint Consultative Committee update - Public Service Association

NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal: Joint Consultative Committee update

JCC update - Dec 2020 (PDF version)

The PSA and your Delegates met with Ms Cathy Szcygielski (Principal Registrar and Executive Director NCAT) on 27 November for the quarterly Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meeting, to discuss member issues within this agency.

The PSA Delegate noted that in response to the WHS issue raised at the last meeting that there has been a change in filing practices. Further attention was being given to team leader desks and files and they are looking at filing back into shelving to reduce the volume of material at desks. The Executive Director/ Principal Registrar noted NCAT is moving toward online filing and that this would assist with this in the future.

The employer’s response to COVID-19 sneeze guards (particularly on Level 14) was raised. Following this discussion, the PSA can confirm that:

  • From today sneeze guard panels on Level 14 will temporarily have paper and sticky tape to cover the gaps in between panels to prevent the public from getting too close to staff and attempting to pass material onto the counter. (It is advised that since the close of the meeting, blue cardboard has been purchased to fill the gaps between the current sneeze guards.) This is an interim measure and the PSA will follow up Principal Registrar/Executive Director NCAT in the next week.
  • The Executive Director/ Principal Registrar advised that the sneeze screens on Levels 14 and 15 at Civic have been included on the Agenda for next week’s CCD Sydney staff meeting. PSA will seek an update post meeting.
  • Return to work was also raised, and Ms Szcygielski confirmed that NCAT is following all the Department’s and NSW Heath advice and will continue to do so. Some concerns remain from members about commuting and its risks and the use of masks (or lack of) on public transport.

If a member would like to express any concerns, you can get in touch with your delegates Jo Kaye, David Harradine and Christopher Moore, or contact the PSA Member Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

Your PSA staff

Alex Sala Organiser

Monika Wunderlin Industrial Officer

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