NCAT Consumer & Commercial Division – Your union needs YOU! - Public Service Association

NCAT Consumer & Commercial Division – Your union needs YOU!

NCAT Consumer & Commercial Division – Your union needs YOU! – November 2018 (PDF version)

  • Would you like to become more involved in your union?
  • Want to make a positive difference in your workplace?
  • Interested in working with PSA members in your workplace?

Become a PSA Delegate!

The PSA is looking for more delegates in the Consumer and Commercial Division of NCAT.

Delegates are the day-to-day face of the PSA in the workplace and are the key in connecting link between members and the union office. Being a delegate involves protecting and advancing the interests and rights of members and to drive the collective effort to protect and improve your workplace conditions.

You will be supported by your PSA staff and past PSA Delegates in NCAT. You will have access to a range of PSA training courses which you can attend using paid Trade union Training leave
(12 days every two years). Enrol online HERE.

Read more about being a PSA Delegate HERE.

How to nominate

Does this sound like you? If you are interested, get in touch with your PSA Organiser ( and have a chat with your PSA Delegate Jo Higgins (

Your PSA staff are:

Surabi Alauddin (Organiser)

Andrew Boulton (Industrial Officer)

United we bargain, divided we beg – A unionised workplace is a fairer one!

Encourage your colleagues to join the PSA at

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