Office of the Children’s Guardian Joint Consultative Meeting 22 August 2023 - Public Service Association

Office of the Children’s Guardian Joint Consultative Meeting 22 August 2023

 The Childrens’ Guardian, Mr. Steve Kimmond, attended the meeting.

PSA delegates raised the following issues of concern to members:

Child Safe

Further details were requested about changes believed to be under consideration.

The Director, Corporate Services advised that this remained at a very early stage of consideration and could not yet provide any information as to potential size or scope, or nature of the changes. He committed to further off-line discussion as to possible timeframes.

Access to development opportunities

Members asked for information about how staff access to the recent offering of the Certificate IV in Investigations was determined. Working with Children staff were concerned that none of them was offered the training.

The Director. Corporate services provided background information as to the development of training plans, and both centralized and non-centralized deliver,y and undertook to have further discussions with the relevant Director about these concerns.

Risk Assessment Issues

Clarification was provided by the OCG that KPIs were not to be used as de facto performance management tools and were properly applied to team performance not individuals.

Discussions were planned and ongoing for the development of strategies to better manage workload, burnout, and vicarious exposure risks. The Childrens’ Guardian welcomed input from staff to address these issues.

Recruitment Activity

Replacement Roles in Reportable Conduct and Child Safe were currently being recruited.

The PSA registered its concern as to customer service roles not being filled resulting in work overload.

OCG advised that future recruitment decisions will depend on the outcome of the forthcoming Budget.

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