Parliamentary staff update - Public Service Association

Parliamentary staff update

As a follow up to our previous bulletin HERE to Members of Parliament Staff (MoPS) in relation to  tomorrow’s Day of Action we advise the following;

MoPS are employed under the Members of Parliament Staff Act 2013. They do not have the protections that Public Servants have under the Industrial Relations Act preventing them from suffering discriminatory action from the employer if they take industrial action.

As such the PSA seeks the following action from MoPS PSA members:

  • If you are at Parliament House tomorrow show you solidarity by attending the rally outside of Parliament House at 11.00 (you could do this by taking an early lunch).
  • Where your Member supports your action we encourage you to participate fully by not attending the workplace.

Please remember that the pay rise received by your colleagues in the Public Service is traditionally what is passed on to you, so this does matter to you.

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