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Parramatta Justice Precinct shopfront safety concerns

As members would be aware there have been a number of incidents at the Parramatta Justice Precinct shopfront over recent months including another concerning incident that occurred earlier this month.

NSW Trustee and Guardian (NSWTG) were advised of staff concerns after an incident back in April and the PSA understands that a risk assessment has still not been completed.

All staff should be able to attend work without the risk of harm and there is a clear obligation on NSWTG to provide staff with a safe workplace.

Unfortunately NSWTG has not demonstrated it has taken any action to address the safety concerns of staff.

On Tuesday a Provisional Improvement Notice was issued by the Health & Safety Representative.

A copy of the Provisional Improvement Notice can be found HERE.

While this matter remains unresolved NSWTG should suspend the client services desk duties and revert to the previous practice.

The PSA advises all members that if you are asked to undertake client services desk duties you are within your rights to refuse if you believe it is unsafe to do so.

The PSA will support all members that refuse to work in unsafe conditions.

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