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Returning to the office

The easing of COVID restrictions means that many members will be returning to working in office-based locations.

The PSA is aware that ‘agile working’ (hot desking) is being implemented by NSWTG and has been assured by NSWTG that arrangements are in place to ensure staff who require reasonable adjustments to their office-based workstations will still have access to these adjustments.

If you have any concerns about your access to approved reasonable adjustments, you should raise this with your area’s Health and Safety Representative (HSR).

Accessible and secure storage should be provided at the workplace for personal items belonging to workers, for example handbags, jewellery, medication, or hygiene supplies.

If you are in an ‘agile workplace’ and do not have access to accessible and secure storage facilities, or unable to resolve your concerns around reasonable adjustments, please contact your local Delegate or the member support centre.

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