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Penrith rally against privatisation of AHDC – Stand with us for A Real Choice

ADHC bulletin announcing the Nepean Blue Mountains Rally – 13 Nov 2015 (PDF version)

Following the successful rally in Newcastle, members in the Nepean-Blue Mountains area are rallying to raise public awareness of the Government’s plan to fully privatise all disability services in NSW.

Members will be calling out the Government on its consistent refusal to talk to or consult with the PSA about the planned privatisation. We will also be calling on the Government to give clients and staff A Real Choice to remain with ADHC.

Download a copy of the rally poster for your noticeboard HERE

Why members are rallying

  • No workforce management plan
  • No choice for staff not to transfer
  • No access to redundancy or redeployment
  • No way for clients to continue to choose ADHC.

Make sure you’ve made plans to attend the rally on 20 November

Friday 20 November

12noon – 1pm

On the steps of 2 Station St Penrith

(opposite the station)

The PSA’s A Real Choice campaign is seeking:

  • A Real Choice for employees on whether to transfer to the private sector or access redeployment within the public sector or voluntary redundancy
  • A legally enforceable and fair transfer agreement
  • A legal mechanism to ensure that members’ jobs and conditions are protected
  • To ensure that ADHC clients can continue to choose ADHC as their provider of choice
  • To ensure that the new NDIS money is spent on building capacity in the disability sector and not wasted on transferring what exists in ADHC to a less regulated and less experienced sector.

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