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Powerhouse announcement update

The announcement by Minister Graham this morning outlining new plans for the redevelopment of the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo demonstrates the NSW Government will return the museum to its core purpose.

Restoring the site to a Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences has long been the position of the PSA, our members and Delegates, many of whom have fought long and hard to save this important component of Sydney’s culture and community.

Redevelopment a win, but there are still questions

The PSA supports the preservation of the Wran building and its legacy, which have been enhanced with redevelopment plans better connecting the museum with the Goods Line and the city. However, the PSA has a number of questions that still need to be answered. The impact on staff continues to be a major focus of the union, including ensuring no redundancies or loss of jobs.

It is always the position of the PSA that we have a strong, well-resourced arts sector and we will continue to fight for this.

Your union has sought to meet with senior management before the end of the year to ensure you are fully supported throughout the redevelopment process, including around work location which we know is a key area of concern for members.

We will report back on discussions following this meeting.

Thank you to your Delegates for their tireless efforts

The PSA wishes to extend a huge thank you to your Delegates who have fought long and hard for you, the members. Without their tireless work we would not have been able to win this battle.

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