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Powerhouse Move: PSA takes the Museum to the Industrial Relations Commission

The PSA has escalated action around the changes occurring at the Powerhouse Museum that directly impact staff and the work you do.

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences announced some time ago that staff will move to either the Castle Hill Powerhouse or rented office space in Parramatta, with another group remaining at Ultimo.

The changes have been the subject of disputation over the years, including around the Change Management Plan and job losses.

The union has heard from members and delegates from across the different work streams about their concerns and a lack of clarity with the way changes are occurring. For this reason the PSA has sought the assistance of the Industrial Relations Commission (IRC).

The PSA and Powerhouse Museum management will be in the Industrial Relations Commission, the court which rules on workplace matters, on Thursday 22 February.

PSA staff and delegates will continue to meet with Powerhouse Museum management as necessary outside of the IRC process on behalf of members. If you have concerns or issues you wish to bring to the union’s attention, contact your workplace delegates, or you can log your issue with the Members Support Centre on 1300 772 679.

We will keep members informed as matters progress.

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